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PayPoint plc (LSE: PAY) is a British business offering a system for paying bills in United Kingdom, Ireland and Romania. It is listed on the London Stock Exchange.

Tony shares his frustrating experience on Facebook, "PayPoint is the worst company ever, customer service is horrible, they are just good at robbing us and taking our money! I would never recommend these guys so retailers lose more money than they make with these."


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Former Employee - Applications Support Analyst says

"Thanks for your feedback. This isn't the type of experience we usually hear about, and so we're keen to understand more details from you. Please get in touch with the HR team if you would be willing to discuss your feedback with us."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Shocking senior team, no progression opportunities but they make out like they have great internal vacancies. They make out everyone knows everyone but couldn't be more wrong, car park is too small"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"- Higher management is incredibly corrupt, taking huge bonuses and yearly pay rises and passing literally none of it down to the workers that actually do their work for them. - They pay very unfairly, paying much lower than competitors. Definitely under the industry standard for pay. - Communication within the company is poor, management for different teams make huge business decisions without informing other teams, causing huge delays in any projects due to misunderstandings. -Company is very biased when it comes to promotions. If you're friends with management you'll be fine, but if you're an "outsider" you'll be out of luck for any internal promotions you apply for. - Current CEO Dom Taylor has no clue how to value his employees, Seamus Smith was an infinitely greater leader that inspired his employees to perform their best."

Former Employee - ATM Helpdesk Teamleader says

"No appreciation for employees making a difference to the business. No job security as changes made instantly. The real people that work hard are not recognised"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Unfortunately business strategy is very stale and executive management just want to maintain historic revenue streams and any "thinking big" is for effect only. There have also been repeat poor hires into management which put business units in repeated cycles of instability and suggest poor executive management judgement. There is no clear vision, and all previous visions have been contradicted by action. Buoyancy of company shares is deeply misleading."

Mr Khandhar - Smokers n Vapers LTD says

"Paypoint is a RIP off. A best way to destroy Business. They are only concerned about their money and direct debit gone through or not. No matter what they feel that they are Dictator.
My personal advise NEVER go for Paypoint EVER. The local rep missold me contract by adding its only 2 years contract. When the documents were signed there wasnt any term mentioned and they add another page to contract stating I signed it. They are a FRAUD and its not regulated n=by OFCOM.
To give a notice for contract is a min of 2 years. So much trouble from them they are a MANIAC!"

Andrew says

"I have no choice but click on one star.
PAYPOINT are a bunch of crooks.
I will not stop praying that the British Government put a stop to their activities. They dont care about you but extort money from you at all time. I advise anyone to cancel their direct debits with Paypoint because they will ruin your business. PAYPOINT WILL COMPLETELY RUIN YOUR BUSINESS. The British Government must shut them down.

We should start signing petitions for this to happen"

Dom says

"Can't get my parcel from the shop cos no code. Paypoint seems to be a joke of an organisation."

Malika Tabsum says

i have a paypoint terminal in my shop its been a 8 years i am with paypoint this is a nightmare for me if any mistake from our side they charging and they make money to overcharge their customers we give them a bussiness and they pay fees and charge is well i can tell somebody dont sign for paypoint payzone is the best terminal"

Arvind Matkar says

If you are starting your new business don't even think about installing Paypoint terminal in your shop absolutely waste of time they put new terminal in my shop & the Rep who came to install the terminal he said if you sell the shop or your lease finished it won't cost you anything he did't explain it will cost you £500+VAT so beware
now my lease is finished they want £500+vat from me.
when i sign contract he even did not explain this is for 5 years because i had there old terminal and does't say on the papers what i signed. Paypoint is becoming too much of a burden to retailers with their dishonest policies. Don’t let them bully you. Don’t let them exploit you. They are liars! Remember, they need you. You don’t need them.So all i say NO,NO,NO to Paypoint Terminal and another thing if you don't have good Broadband that terminal works so slow that thing also he did not explain me absolutely useless company"

craig newman says

"Terrible is an understatement, i called the number for urgent advice and i get nothing but a robot repeating the same thing (this is via Marwar trading Co : whoever the hell they are?) ironically they say all calls are recorded, yet there is no one there to answer? My problem being is that my electricity has run out and none of the key points are working? i have children to feed and we are sat in the dark. This company makes a blinking fortune, but can't be bothered to sort out their actual business. If i could i'd wring their ruddy necks! GGRRRRR!!!!!"

08009315 says

"I have multiple sites with paypoint and i can wait for a better company to come on the market as paypoint would be shut in a week.
I had one of the new termials installed which didnt work properly connection kept dropping they blamed bt. Bt charged me £125 to say there was no problem on the line. It toom five months and four terminals to get one that worked. I had to pay full price during this period. Wrots a complaint email still waiting for responce 12 months later.

Paypoint are just out to make money. Charge a £90 fine for direct debit failures, even if money is paid same day. Claim to refund if its a bank failure however my experience is you fined regardless.

They dont care about your business."

Sean Thirtle says

"Hi all we have also had a very bad time with Paypoint we adopted the Paypoint one very early we signed up for the old yellow system we signed up for the minimum 2 year contract after been mucked around for months and been made to jump through so many hoops we contacted our rep and told her we had enough and she said it was going through to the board that decides whether we could have it the following day and wait to see what there decision was called us later to say we could have it but needed to put down £4000 bond we were told we could apply for this back 6 months later (around 10 months and applied for our bond back they then charged us £50 to get a credit check done and were told we couldn't have the bond back because my partners credit score hadn't changed!!!!!) the rep came later to shop and said that we could not take the yellow system we had to take the new Paypoint and we had to sign a few different agreements and it was all pretty much the same of what we had already signed what she forgot to point out that buried within all the documents was a 5 year agreement for the actual unit not the 2 year contract we thought we were signing up for (that rep then left later so we had no rep to take it up with who also was never replaced) , we were led to believe that it would all be pretty straight forward but had nothing but problems from the start, till was constantly crashing when it was working it was repricing stock( example for £1.30 to .15p) this happened several times with different products where we spotted it so god knows how many times it happened when we didn't, it also constantly deleted stock completely so we would have to constantly re-input everything again and on at least one occasion gave stock away and a cashback the till cancelled the entire transaction nearly 30 minutes after the customer left the shop, all of this was constantly reported to the support line but all they kept doing was closing the ticket as if it was resolved when it wasn't, support were staff were rude to the point that I completely refused to speak any further with one member of support and asked that his supervisor ring us back after he had listened to the call log, his supervisor rang back and agreed the member of support was well out of order and would be retrained after listening to the call! and just when we thought it couldn't get any worse I became ill and disabled so we had to close the business as my partner who owned the business had to look after me 24/7 they got one further final boot in and stole our £4000 bond, closed our account down so we can't get through to anyone using the horrible dial in system which all numbers you are given to contact them through make it impossible to proceed to an actual human being, so looks like we now have to go to extra expense and appoint a debt collector/solicitor to recover our money. I'm also going to get my MP and the ombudsman involved so they can see the amount of stress we have been put through dealing this unprofessional bunch of shirts. My advice to anyone reading this is stay well away from them. They don't care about your business they are only interested in charging you in every way possible. and I bet like many others on this site we won't get a response either ."

Roy says

"Clearly very little training as time after time I was unable to load a prepaid card which should have been accepted for loading. One retailer told me they got rid of their paypoint machine as he didn't get any commission so why bother.
Fair point.
I will make sure I avoid anything that involves using paypoint."

Kamil says

"They want to charge me £500 +VAT and holding onto my security deposit because we have sold the business. They made us sign a 5 year contract and promised that there would be no charge if we sold the business. They lied to us.

We will take this issue to court if necessary. Paypoint is becoming too much of a burden to retailers with their dishonest policies. If necessary I would pay more than what they stole from me to reach out to ever single agent to warn them about this scam via leaflets, campaigns, media and so forth. Don’t empower them by signing 5 year contracts. Don’t let them bully you. Don’t let them exploit you. They are liars! Remember, they need you. You don’t need them."

Hugh Man says

"Worst company. Have to pay from till rental (£108 per month) to till roll. Having problem with the new paypoint one terminal, contacted them sooooo many times, no help at all.

Dear Paypoint,
I will not pass my details to you, you may terminate my paypoint service for giving you bad rating.

Payzone got better rating and they do pay better commission and don't have to pay terminal off paypoint."

sue parr says

"After paying a bill of £392 at the beginning of July using paypoint portal at my local coop the money still hasn't reached my landlord and he's threatening court action I've emailed paypoint phoned them with a stupid recorded message asking me for my name etc 5 times nobody has replied I've rang the coop they said paypointhey should have the details so why isn't this getting me anywhere please help"

Hammad says

"Poor management in terms of dealing with when there are problems. Lack of identification of issue and lack of communication to consumer as to what the issue is. Escalation of issues simply has no meaning, managers investigate taking up to 72 hours, logging such does not result in any communication and you wonder whether someone is doing something or not. Contact centre is well managed but there is a connection loss when a third party carrier is involved and you don't have the proper reference numbers. It should simply be improved to tell you the truth. Or at least documented so that a process can be followed with automated confirmations etc."

Angela McMahon says

"Paypoint and Refunds for Excessive Charges
Does the Purple key used in Scottish Powers meters have any links
with premierbathrooms?I pay for my Utilities of both Gas and Electric by PayPoint but there's been an excessive charges on
both of my Bills.I waited for that long for the Corrections,that I've now sent it on from the Financial Services Ombudsman to the
Eu Commission OnlineComplaintsResolution
My Water is heated by an Immersion Heater which is electric,but the
fitter for my Bathroom premiercbathrooms fits only Gas.At that the time I didn't have PayPoint but I did have Scottish Power.Paypoint is great but the point of it was to keep amount used correct with Billing! from Angela McMahon" is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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